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Crossing is my latest CD and again came by way of the RPM Challenge. Don’t know why it takes “The Challenge” to force me to create, but it has done it’s job and so here it is. This time around it is a solo effort.

I am very excited about this CD and feel that the diversity in styles, is again, one of it’s strong points.

Metal River

Why Metal River?  On a motorcycle trip to the Yukon and the Arctic Circle, in 2007, I was inspired to create this new adventure of composition and production.  I have been making, recording and producing my music since the 60’s and as I traveled through the Yukon I was inspired by the beauty and grander to create a new focus in my life that centered around my love for music.  The Yukon river is the river of gold or the metal river that is a great part of this adventure.


Turbulence is a collection of songs written for my band Metal River. All the songs were written and recorded during February 2009 for the RPM Challenge. All the songs were recorded during a single session that lasted nearly 18 hours on the last Sunday of the month and then mixed over the next 2 days so that they could be sent to the challenge before the end of the month. This extremely tight schedule created an atmosphere that was very tense but creative and allowed for a very diverse collection of songs to be written. All the songs were written by me except “How Come” and “Next Time”, which were written by Ken Teague.

Someday I would like to go back and re-record some of these songs to allow a better production and finished sound, but these recordings document that point in time better than I could have hoped.